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Why US?

There are many tutors out there, but are they really giving you the best service available?

High Standards of Education

At PrimePupils, we follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that both Parents and Students get the most out of their tutoring experience. 
This Includes:
- Emailed Reports on Student Progress after Every Class
- Having Tutors with High levels of experience with the Subject they are teaching.
- Parent-Tutor Meetings to discuss progress and plan further steps. 

Flexible Classes

At PrimePupils, we believe that students and parents should have flexibility over their learning, that's why we have a policy to let you cancel and rebook classes for anytime* with no penalty. 
*Given a 2 hour advance before the class.

Modern Learning Techniques

At PrimePupils, we use various modern techniques to be able to help the modern-day student adapt to learning content in the most effective way.
- Modern Learning/Study Techniques (Train/Test, Pomodoro)
- Usage of Artificial Intelligence to help generate practice content and personalized learning. 

By Students, For Students

PrimePupils is founded by a group of High School Students who wish to provide excellent tutoring services at prices everyone could afford. Our content and services are structured to understand what the modern-day student wants and what their family wants to achieve. 

Tutoring Subjects

Here are the subjects we offer. If yours isn't listed, contact us and we can help you out!


Basic Math up to Algebra 2 (11th grade math)


Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing, Literature Analysis and More (Including IB And AP English)


High School Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Computer Science

Python, Java, Web Development, AP CSP, and More!


Helping Students prep for the SAT/ACT, important exams that could help students with applying to college.

High School Guidance

Helping students pick out classes and make an effective plan to make the most out of High School!


How we make sure that your student is making the most out of high school! Step-By-Step.


We would look at what your student is interested in and establish some ideas on what they would want to do in the future. The key is to think ahead and prepare to work on things that would be able to have them excel in that career space.


We would look at your student's interests for the future and figure out a proper course schedule for school. It's important for students to align their class schedules with classes they are interested in and will help them reach their goals in the future. We are also able to provide adequate information about International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes and their various programs to help students excel. 

Extracurriculars, Internships and Career Building

We take your child's interests and be able to help them build their resume and careers by helping them connect with industry professionals, apply to interesting internships, and build connections that could give them a platform to work off of after High School. 


With our experience as students taking standardized tests, we will be able to help your student prepare for the SAT and ACT. Especially as more colleges begin to bring back the SAT/ACT into their consideration, its important that students be able to score well on those tests.


We understand that school subjects can get rough at times, so we would be able to offer tutoring to students who need them for most subjects out there.

College and College Programs

We are able to help students figure out what college seems to be able to suit them based on their lifestyle, preferences and objective in the future. With this, students would know what schools to target for and not waste time with College Applications.


You can get all of our services at a great cost!

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